EMA19014 Residential

Townhouse restoration
Ferreries. Menorca
129,25 m2
Coll Marquès manobres SL
Pol Viladoms
In collaboration with
Manel Alzina, Building Engineer

The project consists of the restoration of a village house located in the center of the island of Menorca, in an area of ​​narrow streets and small houses. The semi-detached house is on the ground floor, first floor and second floor, on a plot of 40 m<sup>2</sup>, facing south. The front façade with the building’s access has a contrasting level from the back. The building, built in the 1930s, had no electrical or plumbing installation.

Builders are familiar with the traditional techniques of working with sandstone, concrete and wall to wall tile flooring and applied their working knowledge as the job advanced over time. These methods, together with contemporary techniques and sustainable building materials, helped to ensure that the work done was always carried out in an honest and respectful manner. The main goal was to preserve the building, maintain its true essence while keeping it from being damaged.