EMA15005 Interior, Residential

Two apartments townhouse rehabilitation
Ferreries. Menorca
220 m2
Construccions Bep Enric SL
Pol Viladoms
Cristina Pons
Jordi Martín
In collaboration with
Cristina Pons, interior designer
Pere Llufriu, Building Engineer

The project consisted of the refurbishment of a two story townhouse, which was developed on the ground floor, first floor and porches in the old town of Ferreries, on a plot of 176.00 m2 facing the northeast.

The original building must have been from the 19th century. In 1944 it was extended, renovated and divided into two houses (one of the houses on the ground floor with one room on the first floor, and the other house in the rest of the building).

Both houses had a communal entrance and the ground floor had only a roof window for ventilation and lighting. The project not only provided each home with independent, direct street access, but made the ground floor livable with the addition of a new patio and new room, as well as provided a new staircase. This new staircase grants access to the rooftop terrace. In order to obtain the space that was needed to do this, ground area was dug up (to gain more ground space), and different parts of the back of the building were knocked down.
Traditional and contemporary materials such as wood and concrete complement each other in the building, which is accented with handcraft ceramic tiling. We rigorously strive to use the most sustainable methods possible in our projects. The thermal insulation is composed of black cork, and in the exterior carpentry, aluminum protected wood and eco-friendly paint was applied.