EMA18005 Interior, Residential

Ca s’Àvia, apartment renovation
Ferreries. Menorca
68 m2
Virfin Menorca SL
Pol Viladoms

The challenge of this project was obtaining natural light to come into such a small, dark, ground floor space. Grandmother needed an open space where she could live on the street and be able to get together with her family with ease.

The diversity of roofs in this village house was preserved and openings were made in the load-bearing walls. The demolition of the existing buildings in the courtyard of the lights created a small space to be outside.

Economics of materials and construction solutions. It was decided to use wood as a sustainable material to separate spaces, create kitchen furniture and cabinets and hair. All floors are polished concrete, both interior and exterior. Finally, to expose a bit of the property’s true essence, it was decided to leave the metal beams.