Hevresac was the family home of Joan Roca Vinent, Navy Merchant captain, privateer, and author. He wrote the Chronicle Diari de Mahó from 1776 until 1826, detailing the port’s mercantile activity, meteorology, socio-political events and countless anecdotes of the time.

The aim of the project was to create a fresh and inspiring hotel that would enhance the beauty of the existing architecture. The job consisted of transforming a detached house between 18th century semi-detached houses into interior lodging of eight rooms. This was carried out in the basement, ground floor, first floor, second floor and mezzanine floor.

The plot where the building is located has a trapezoidal shape, almost triangular. As a result, the rooms parallel to the long median are rectangular and the ones adjacent to San Fernando Street are trapezoidal.

The dimensions are larger than what current regulation allows (the building is higher than what is currently allowed, with the attic just over the permitted roof line). The majority of the space is concentrated at the back of the plot, on Anuncivay Street, whereas on San Fernando Street, the terraces and the lowest concentration of buildings are located.

The existing architectural elements (stucco, staircase, flooring, carpentry) have been preserved and used together with new sustainable materials, (wood, black cork, eco-friendly paint) ultimately granting the building a fresh, stripped-down appearance and brand-new character.